And now I’m blogging… 

So I guess I’m a “blogger” now. I didn’t choose the blogging life, the blogging life chose me… [insert laughing at myself]. But in all seriousness, I’ve decided to start this blog so that in 5 or so years I can look back and see how much I’ve grown. Grown as a mother, as a wife, and most importantly, as a child of God. I am not sure how this will go, only time will tell. I plan to share parenting stories (read as: parenting fails), bible studies I’m doing, and just life in general. I’m very scatter brained, so I’ll go ahead and apologize for that now. I could be talking about one thing one minute and a completely different thing the next. I’m still figuring this stuff out (blogging, parenting, cooking, and just life) so hang in there with me. Always feel free to comment or privately email me {} with your own personal thoughts! 

Shelby: the mostly manic mama.


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