Two-Year Old Tuesday!

It’s two-year old Tuesday, which means that I am going to share a little bit about my (almost) two-year old today! 

We recently re-did both of my girls’ rooms. Adalyn (she will be 2 in May) got a sweet pink, gold, and white room. I am SO IN LOVE with it, and I think she is too 😉

This is my sweet, crazy, lovable Adalyn! Please excuse her messiness. She just woke up from nap. To the left of her room is her dresser and mirror. I got the golden “A” from hobby lobby as a decoration for her first birthday party and decided to use it in her room. I still have a few details to perfect, hence the picture frames sitting on the floor. Her white and metallic gold strips. Her Ruffled pink bed spread (that my husband insists that it looks wrinkled). I was so excited to find her sheet set at Pottery Barn. I searched for the perfect ones and finally found these! The ballerinas has shimmery gold tutus.and notice her sweet “adalyn” chair that my grandma painted for her! 

That’s it for two-year old Tuesday. I’m off to clean up the rest of the house that I have deserted today. 


Shelby; the mostly manic mama. 


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