What’s Up Wednesday!?

Could Wednesday be anything but a “what’s up Wednesday”? I’m going to share a little bit of “what’s up”. What I’m loving, what I’m reminiscing, and whatever else. 

First up:What I’m reading! I am completely obsessed with my One Year Bible. I’ve been reading it every single day and it’s inspiring. I can’t get enough. If you’re wanting to read the Bible, but feel overwhelmed (because reading the Bible is VERY overwhelming) I highly recommend getting this beauty. It’s broken up so that each day you have a little bit of the Old Testament, a little of the New Testament, a little from Psalms, and a little from Proverbs every day. It’s an easy read and even gives you ideas on how to read it each day. I’m also reading a devotional by Sarah Young called “Jesus Always.”  It’s simple and I love it. I reference my actual bible while reading my devotional. 

What I’m excited about: SPRING! It’s so close I can taste it. I HATE winter, so when the flowers start blooming I get very very excited. 

What I’m reminiscing: Could there be anything but our trip to Disney World back in February? Anyone that knows my husband and I know that we are Disney junkies. We could go to Disney every single day and be perfectly happy. When we went in February the weather was amazing. We barely saw any rain! 

What I’ve been doing: a lot of cleaning! It seems my house is never clean. I guess that’s the life of a mom of two crazy kids. I spend 90% of my day cleaning up after them. Hey, I’ll miss the mess one day so I’ll just try my best to enjoy it. 

What I’m loving: The beautiful warm weather!!!! It’s just beautiful here in the wonderful state of Kentucky today! The sun is shining and the trees are in full bloom (which means crazy allergy issues, but I’ll take it). 

Now if only I could get this house clean so that I can take these rugrats outside! (Saying this as they dump Barbie shoes and accessories all over the rug I just vacuumed) 

Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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