Life Lately

It’s life lately! I’m going to share a little bit of what’s been going on in my life… Lately 😉

My chickens have recently learned that they can bribe Adalyn to give them special treats if they peck at the back door. Now my back stoop is chicken poop infested. Charming. 

After a baby shower last Sunday these girls were so exhausted! Ella never sleeps in the car anymore, but that baby shower excitement just got to her. Poor girl! 

Speaking of Ella, when did she get big enough to dress herself!? She came into the living room with this ensemble and asked if she looked good. She’s still supposed to be my little baby, but I’m super proud of her!We had Chili’s for lunch with my mom on Tuesday. This girl right here LOVES potato soup. 

And so does this girl! They both finished their bowls! I had my side of the booth to myself while  the girls sat with MiMi. My make up queen (cringing as I type this because I am completely against little ones wearing make up, but this is all in fun. She cleans her face before going out and just likes to play) wanted to put make up on Adalyn. Adalyn happily obliged since Ella normally doesn’t let Adalyn close to the make up stash!My beautiful happy girl!

That’s what my life looks like lately! 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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