Fun-Filled Friday!

Yesterday was GORGEOUS in the state of Kentucky! I have mountains of laundry to do, but I did none of it and spent the day outside with my girls (sorry for your lack of clean underwear husband, clean undies are coming your way today!).  We started off with a picnic outside! Daddy brought us lunch, Ella’s choice was Mc Donald’s. We usually eat food from home, but today was a special occasions, so we ate the grease!After feeling guilty about the burger that I engorged, I talked the girls into going for a walk. We ended up walking 1.4 miles. Ella walked the entire time with no complaints! My girl is getting so big. It was so close to nap time, so I had one very sleepy girl on our walk. She loves riding in a stroller! 

… Yes she still takes a paci and yes I do know about all of the “negative” aspects of using a paci, but that paci holds my sanity at nap time and bed time every day.  We will keep it for just a tad bit longer 😉

Ella has been very interested in exercising lately. When I told her that walking and jogging is a great exercise she got very excited. She ended up jogging most of the last bit of our walk! I’d say she burned off quite a bit of her burger!

After Adalyns nap we headed to a local park. It wasn’t too busy and the girls had a blast!

Ella showing little sis how to slide. Adalyn wasn’t too sure about it. This girl LOVES to swing! I just love that smile. And this smile too!I taught Ella about the art of swinging on your belly. After she got the hang of it she was laughing hysterically, which had me laughing hysterically. Love this girl!I like to title this “swinging into spring”, except it’s freezing today and I’m reminded that it is still winter. #ihatecoldmy girl finally got the hang of sliding and even conquered the big kid slide!

That’s it for fun-filled Friday. We had a blast yesterday! I wouldn’t trade this time with my girls for anything of this world. I’ll see you guys on Monday! 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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