Manic Monday! 

Manic Monday, the day I share all of my craziness that consists of my life. Enjoy!

Last week I took these crazies to the grocery store. Why do I take my kids to the grocery with me? It’s simple, I get my exercise and grocery shopping done all at the same time. They were just checking out the delicious fresh produce… I mean pepperonis. My attempt at getting a cute picture of them, one doing some sort of crazy face and the other just looking at something behind me. This is my life. And it’s pretty manic. I turn around for 5 seconds and this one is  grabbing all of the Reese pieces! Right before I broke her little heart and told her she couldn’t get the candy… Don’t worry guys, I’m not heartless. They both left the store with a special treat. Last week I also shampooed the bedrooms and our living room rug. How disgusting is this!? It’s been cleaned before, but this rug sits right in the main area where people walk when they enter the house. So I knew it had to be filthy, but now it’s clean!  Well, sort of, Adalyn actually spilled orange juice on it the same day I cleaned it. #mymaniclifei know I already shared about their make up day, but playing make up is a huge deal in my house right now, and it gets pretty crazy. I’m often left with two clowns, or “beauty queens” as Ella says. And to wrap things up, my sweet girls kissing through the door, it’s the little things that make my heart smile. Life is crazy sometimes, but without the messes and the trials it would be a pretty boring life. So we will accept the crazy and soak it up as blessings. 


Shelby: the Mostly Manic Mama


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