Manic Monday! 

Well, I’m back after a short break that I didn’t intend to take. I had a post planned for last Thursday, but in the hustle of life, I got distracted (read: I am a slacker and completely forgot to post because slacking is what I do best). 
So here we are. Adalyn wore this last week and I loveit. Not for the outfit itself, but for what it says. I hope it’s true: Her heart is so happy. I often get lost in thought and looking at this sweater had me thinking. I’ve always said that happiness is a choice that you make every single day. You can choose to focus on the negative throughout your day or you can start counting your blessings. I hate being in a bad mood. I can’t stand when there is hate in my heart, so why not block out the negative and focus on the positive AND CHOOSE HAPPINESS!? I know sometimes we just have to figure out and sort through the negative things and sometimes we just need to have a bad day, but don’t let one little thing break you down. Remember that you are so loved. This reminds me of something I saw floating around on Facebook. Check out this meme! That’s pretty darn cool isn’t it? The same God that made the galaxies thought the world needed one of you. If that doesn’t just make you feel all the good feelings then I don’t know what will. On Thursday I had a super busy schedule. I went on a drive with my husband and little Adalyn to inspect a damage of a car and then he took us to lunch at my fave restaurant. Here’s Adalyn modeling her adorableness just for you. He couldn’t understand why I needed to take a picture of him eating… Hence his awkwardness. Our lunch was so yummy. Also, on Thursday the World was blessed with this gorgeous baby girl! My cousins welcomed sweet Kennedy to the world and I just can’t get over her. I’m so in love! On to Friday, this was my attempt at taking a selfie of Adalyn and I. We were parked and about to head into my friends little girls first birthday party. Side note: my front camera doesn’t work, so I have to selfie old style. On Saturday, my sister took both of my girls to a play at her high school. She did this alone, which isn’t an easy task. My kids can be a handful (as all kids can be), but she says that they were angels and Ella has not stopped talking about the play ever since. The play happened to be right at adalyns nap time, but she managed to make it most of the way through the play. Poor, sleepy girl. And this picture sums up how we are feeling after our crazy, but fun weekend. We stayed busy, but enjoyed every minute. 

Choose happiness guys!


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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