Talkin’ ’bout Tuesday

Guys, I have been SO reminiscent lately. I shouldn’t be allowed to look at pictures of when my babies were actually babies. It just makes me sad, but not like sad sad, just sad that they aren’t that little. I’m happy that they are happy and healthy and they get funnier every day. It’s just a little sad knowing that I will never get to hold that sweet little baby in that swaddle blanket ever again. Now I get to Cuddle on the couch with a toddler and a pre-schooler and have movie nights. 

So today I’ll share some of my favorite pictures of my babies as they have grown. 💖my sweet Ella girl around 3 months old in Baltimore, Maryland. This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of Ella. So sassy at so young! She is still so sassy and full of life. She’s 2 here and she would pose before every picture. She still poses. She’s my little model. Here she is this past Christmas posing in front of the tree. She wants to be fashionable every where she goes. Our favorite place to be: the beach! (Ok, the beach is probably tied with Disney World). This girl gets way tanner than I do in the summer with lots of sunscreen on. She’s got her daddy’s skin tone that tans so nicely. I have to sit for hours to get her kind of tan. It’s always a good hair day when you match it with a hot pink bow. Ella will tell you she’s never fully dressed without a bow 🎀and now to show off sweet Adalyn Nell. Side note: I cried the entire way home from the hospital because she was already 3 days old. And now she’s almost two. #timeslowdown 

I never knew how beautiful brown eyes were until I fell in love with a brown eyed baby. Another side note: there is no one in our immediate family with dark brown eyes. We have no idea where she got them!? Always a smiley girl. She was always a super cuddly baby and loved to laugh. She’s still pretty cuddly. Pretty girl. Now, at almost 2, she is a funny little girl. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. 

So guys, don’t blink. Don’t even wink. It goes fast. I’ll wake up tomorrow and they will be driving cars and going on dates and I’ll be looking back on these days wishing I had soaked it up a little more. So I’m getting off my phone now and we are going to make lunch and watch movies. Stay blessed. 


Shelby: the Mostly Manic Mama


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