Life lately 

Well, it’s a super late post… Because my kids are sick and I’ve been busy. Both of my kids have the stomach bug and we made a trip to the doctor. I literally don’t have any pictures except of what I took of Adalyn today. My word of advice- sanitize everything because there are viruses out there every where! So I don’t have much to say today. 

This week we’ve pretty much stayed inside and hung out. This week has been a blur for some reason, I guess because of the illness going around. We have a busy weekend planned also. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing Ella’s room make over with you guys! So stay tuned. Here’s just a little bit of adorableness to share with you. 

That’s it guys, sorry to disappoint with a late and boring post, my life isn’t all that eventful (unless you wanted to hear about all of the I’ll-related gunk I’ve been cleaning up- calling it “gunk” to avoid saying the actual “d” word…. Use your imagination 😉). Tomorrow should be more eventful! 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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