I am not that blogger…

Yesterday I made the realization that I am just not that blogger. I wanted to post Monday through Friday, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So maybe I’ll just focus on posting as much as I can, and that will just have to do. Ella’s room make over will be posted this week. I’m just not sure when! It can’t be today because it has a few touch ups needing to be done. 

So today will be random… As many days are. I have a few adorable little stories to share.  

The most perfect rainbow, it was actually a double rainbow but the other is a little more faint. During the storm, Ella asked “is God mad or something!?” So stinking funny. Then she asked me about the Angels that pour out the rain. She’s the sweetest.  Ella will be 5 in August. She will start pre-school on the fall, so we’ve been working on letter recognition. I pointed to the letter “f” the other day and she said “I KNOW THAT LETTER! IT’S THE LETTER JEFF!” All of this hard work and she believes there’s a letter called “jeff”!? Hopefully we’ve gotten this cleared up. We let little sis drive us (down our small road for about 50 feet goin 5 mph) while we waited for Grammy and grandpa to get ready for lunch after church and Ella thought it was hilarious and awesome that she didn’t have to sit in her car seat.  She is just way too cool for her own good. I love her crossed ankles. Side note: she came out of the womb crossing her ankles! As a baby she would always lay and sit with her ankles crossed. She must have had them crossed in the belly and it is just so sweet. This girl is all about daddy. She would go to work with him every day If he would let her. And this kid. This one right here is a DIVA. I caught her putting lip gloss on that I didn’t know she had. Adalyn will be 2 in May and is working on colors, the alphabet song, counting, and potty training. She does all of these things well EXCEPT for her colors. She just has no interest in learning colors. She knows all the names and will give it one heck of a guess, but isn’t retaining what the color is. Oh well, it will come with time. She can count to 10 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and TEVEN- close enough right?) and sings the alphabet so darn cute. She skips a few letters and some letters she says aren’t actually letters, but she’s close. As for potty training- I’m not pushing it. She pees on the potty multiple times a day and gets better every day and has pooped on the potty a few times, I never tell her to potty, I always let her tell me and she probably pees 50% of the time on the potty. When she is closer to two I’ll push it a little more, but as of now I am super proud of her! The sass is strong with this one. The weather has been warming up and it makes us so happy! We’ve been riding with the windows down, jamming to the trolls soundtrack!sunny days make this girl happy!

So there’s nothing very insightful today, we’ve been busy enjoying life and cleaning… I’m just always cleaning but my house is always a disaster. I just don’t understand. #momlife 

Thanks for checking in, you never know what life will throw at you so enjoy and soak up every single day. 


Shelby: the mostly manic mama


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