Mixing things up

Today should be a “life lately” but will be more like a “what’s up Wednesday”. I had intentions on doing Ella’s room make over post today, but she got RED LIPSTICK on her beautiful pottery barn comforter, so it’s in the wash on repeat with some stain remover. If you know how to get lipstick stains out please save my sanity and comment with your tricks! You’d be my life saver. 

So I’m going to share some of my faves with you guys today! 

First up:we got the girls these sleeping bags for Christmas and we are still loving them! We will bring them out for movie nights or on rainy days when I need to clean and they want to relax. They are super soft and padded a little on the bottom. Ella’s is a unicorn and the unicorn head serves as a pillow. Adalyns is an owl and its head also serves as a pillow. They have sting like things attached to make rolling them up and holding them together easy. You can see the “strings” hanging off the bottom of adalyns. We just love them! A very good investment. Ok, I’m super excited about this. This stuff is a MIRACLE worker. I used it to get a Gatorade stain out the other day and it worked amazingly. There is absolutely no stain at all now. I also used it on my living room rug, and again, amazing results. I’m obsessed. We got a beautiful rainbow the other day. Adalyn was mesmerized. It was actually a double but the other rainbow is barely visible. Alright, I’m not the best nail painter, but I’ve been growing my nails (I’m a nail biter). I’ve been able to stop biting them for the most part and have been using a miracle grow serum that is helping a little. I also file them to keep them from getting rigid at the end. So far my nails are strong and healthy, now I just have to keep them that way so they can get longer. I looked for a spring color and found this one. I love it! Perfect for spring! It’s called “minimalistic”. I found this and have completely loved it. It has great coverage and leaves a little sparkle behind. Here’s a little sneak peak of Ella’s room, since that was my original posting plan. It’s all about mermaids đź’ś I know I’m a decade late, but I’m completely obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210! I have the first 7 seasons and just started season 7. I was so sad to see Brenda go and now DYLAN!?!? Let’s not mention that we only get surprise visits from Jim and Cindy Walsh! *sigh* I guess like all things in life, time must move and thing a must change, but I love the original gang (before Clare and Val *gag*). I actually really like Clare, but Val could leave and I wouldn’t mind a bit. I have yet to see the rest of season 7 or any seasons after that so don’t spoil anything for me! I’d love to see David and Donna back together, Kelly and Brandon back together, and Clare and Steve to tie the knot, but we shall see. 

Saw this and LOVED it. I used to now care how I made others feel, I’m ashamed to say that when someone would hurt me I would make it my goal to hurt them. I’m living a learning that this isn’t how God wants us to be. We should live our enemies, though that can be impossible. I’m focused on Forgiveness and accepting people for who they are. I am also hoping to encourage others to be good to one another. We are all on this crazy earth trying to survive just like everyone else. So let’s try to build each other up, not tear them done. 

The weekend is getting near and I’m hoping every one has an amazing weekend! I’m so thankful for the weather even if it comes with some rain. Happy living everyone! 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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