Mother’s Day 

Could I be anymore awful at keeping up with this whole blogging thing? It seems like I’ve been drowning and trying to come up for air has been all but possible. Life has been wonderful, but BUSY. With mother’s day and end of the school year shindigs going on, I have just been BUSY. We also had Adalyn a birthday party, and birthday parties just stress me out. More on that later. Today, (I should say tonight, as I am typing this just before midnight) I want to share a little bit about mother’s day. 

Every year we pretty much do the same thing. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s just right for us. We start our Sunday out by attending church. Our church always has an AMAZING mother’s day service, and this year did not disappoint. 

I stole this picture from a fellow church member, but this woman (who just so happens to be my husband’s aunt) completely rocked it. She reminded us of the Godly examples that we need to be for our children, and made us laugh a few times as well. She’s a great speaker and we are blessed to have her! 

After church, we head to lunch with my mom, mother in law, and my grandmother. Of course my dad, father in law and husband go,  but the mommas get to pick! This year we had Panera Bread. I always have my girls hand make something for their grandmother’s. This year they made raspberry lemonade sugar scrub, however, I didn’t get a picture. Here’s a pic of us at lunch. I, unfortunately didn’t get a picture with my mom in law, but she is fabulous, you’ll just have to trust me. 😘

After lunch, we do whatever. This year Ella wanted to go with my mom, and Adalyn, Michael, and I helped my grandmother (I call her Nanny) plant her garden. Later that night we all go to my father in laws parents house for a cookout. It’s a nice, family filled day for us. 

So now, I thought I’d share about my “mom duties”. These duties are very similar for each child, but also different. For instance, Ella let’s me sleep in, but demands cereal the moment she wakes up. She is super emotional, so a lot of consoling is needed daily. Example: she cried for 20 minutes the other day because she had a booger that wouldn’t come out. She thought it would be there forever. Bless her heart. This kid is super smart. So I answer a million questions and we try to pack in some learning each day. She’s my beauty queen, so I have to explain daily why she doesn’t need to wear foundation, concealer, mascara, and whatever else. She will usually settle for some lip gloss. I also have to pretty much hand feed this one. The kid will just not sit there and eat unless it’s something that she loves (like cereal or strawberries with glaze). When it comes to actually eating, she couldn’t care less. But this girl is the girl that made me a mommy, and I will always be head over heels in love with her. 

And then there’s this little spit fire. My mom duties for this one include: cleaning up spills all day long, offering lots of cuddles, and convincing her that she has to stay a baby forever. Adalyn is… well, she’s Adalyn. She loves spilling things. I’m convinced that she does it on purpose. I have stopped trying to keep our living room rug clean. It’s hopeless. She’s just a spiller. Part of the reason is that she is just independent and I am one of those mom’s that encourages her to be independent and cleans up the messes while saying “come on, she’s spilled that cup 25 times this week. Stop giving it to her!” In my head. Oh well. She is also the cuddliest kid I’ve ever met. She came out of the womb with some serious cuddle skills. She is literally just so cuddly. She lives giving hugs and squeezes you so tight. It’s adorable. And I love it. Adalyn is an easy kid in all honesty. She has a temper problem and can be a little mean and hard headed, but, I can put a movie in, bring out her little people and she will sit there while I do whatever I need to do. I tell her everyday that she is momma’ s baby, she’s completely attached to my hip, and I cry like a baby every time I think about her growing up. Side note: I cried like a baby bringing her home from the hospital screaming at Michael “she’s already 3 days old! I’m going to blink and she will be 1, then 2!” She was supposed to stay my baby, and here we are. We will be celebrating her second birthday Friday. [Crying real tears over here!😭]

 Are these girls not the sweetest?! I could squeeze them. Edit

I love being their mom! 

I know I’m late, but I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama


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