Barnyard Birthday Bash!

Why do we, as mother’s, feel so compelled to throw these far too expensive birthday parties for our children, who only seem to care about the cake, presents, and friends? Every single birthday that rolls around leaves me with stress, headaches, and boxes of junk that I will never use again. I start my DIY-ing months before the party and, I believe I spend more on the craft supplies than I would if I just straight out bought things from Wal-Mart. But in reality, I think I love it  I think I’m just a party planning mama. I’ll embrace it. Hearing them yell “best birthday ever” make a it all worth it. Even the lingering headache that lasts a week later is worth it. 

Anyways, I’m trying to tone myself back, and I think I have (if even a little). This year, to celebrate our sweet Adalyn’s 2nd birthday we threw a Barnyard Bash. I had a lot of fun with this one. We’ve had chickens since Adalyn was about 9 months old. She’s always loved them. She just recently started calling them “chickens”. She used to call them “bock bocks”. Even when ordering dinner, she would say she wants “bock bock.” 

Here’s a picture of my fearless 9 month old attempting to pick up a baby chicken. It was love at first sight. 

When I asked Adalyn what birthday she wanted, she said chicken faster than I could give her options. So I went with it. 

First up, I had some baking to do. I wanted to make cookies with royal icing. Guys, I can’t draw to save my life. I’m pretty creative when it comes go actually making things, but to draw, well I just can’t do it. So my cookies didn’t turn out picture perfect, but they worked and they tasted super delicious. I made the royal icing from scratch and flavored with a hint of lemon. 

I learned that I am terrible at drawing circles and ovals… and that thing that looks like a snowman was supposed to be a chicken.  

I made the little barn out of poster board as a back drop for the cake table and attempted to use streamers to cover the words behind the table. We use our church hall for our parties, which happens to be where they do children’s church and taking down everything on the walls would be way too much work and to put back up, so we try to work with it. My husband ended up taking down  the “home of the brave” and planes. 

Pinterest should get credit for nearly everything! I made the “pig out” sign for behind the table and got some chalk board labels for the table. We had pigs in a blanket, but dogs, “taters” (potato chips), a veggie garden, tractor wheels (oreos), cow parties (star crunches), corn on the cob (popcorn baggies wrapped with green tissue paper to look like half shucked corn… I didn’t get a picture 😭), and my cookies). 


I loved this simple cup idea. I just got pink cups and used a sharper to make ovals to look like a pigs nose. #ilovepinterest 

Our kids table! I found the little masks at Wal-Mart. Adalyn tried them all one and decided to go with the horse. The lamb was her second pick. 

Our little setup with a fast moving Ella. The kids were running around with left over streamers while we finished decorating. 

I think I’m obsessed with sunflowers. I kept all 20 bundles that we bought and they are now in a jar in Adalyn’s room and I absolutely love them. They really made the room pop! And the best part about these centerpieces is that they only cost me about $1.60 to make! My mother in law had mason jars, the flower bundles where a dollar and the popcorn kernels were $1.70 per bag and they filled 3 jars. 

The present table was my favorite! Letters from hobby lobby ❤

Is it really a birthday without balloons? We put these on the ends of the cake and food tables. Adalyn loves balloons! 

My father in law bought this little duck ride from his friend that passed away and the girls adore it. It was perfect for our party!

And would it really be a farm themed party without tagging our chickens along? We brought the 3 brown ones because they are the friendliest. One will even let Michael hold it. Please ignore the poop on top of their feeder. They enjoy pooping there. #grosschickens 

Our cake turned out so cute and it tasted sooooooo good! The taste of the cake can make or break you in the birthday party world! This cake was a hit! 

This kid was such a ham! We got so many cheesy pictures of her, but this one is my favorite. Look at that smile! She loved the attention. PS- I made her shirt, but didn’t get a picture. It says “birthday chick” and a baby chicken with a hair bow. So fitting. 

That’s all I have for today. I’m planning on sharing a little about previous birthday parties soon, So stay tuned! 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama 


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