Memorial Day Weekend ❤

I’m here to share a little about our family lfilled weekend. We just had so much fun! It was simple, relaxing, and just a lot of fun. It seems like some holidays are more stressful than fun. With trying to family hop  and be 10 places at once, I just find some holidays difficult to fully enjoy. But this Memorial Day has been the perfect mix of family and relaxation.  Just what we all needed. 

Friday was Adalyn’s actual birthday, so we headed to Mike Linnigs to celebrate. She had a blast. It was just our immediate family and we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather while the girls played at their park. Then we had presents and cupcakes. 

We had to sing happy birthday twice, per Adalyn’s request. She had a blast! 

Saturday morning we woke up and headed straight to the farm. Michael’s grandparents have a nice little house on some land in a small town. The house belonged to Michael’s great grandparents. It’s a nice little get-a-way. 

The girls just love running around worhout a care and hanging out woth cousins! 

Saturday evening we headed into town to see the big car show they have there. It got a little rained out, so we didn’t stay long, but we had dinner with family and watched the cars cruise along the strip. It’s always a great time when you’re with good company. 

On Sunday we woke up and headed home for a family birthday party (aka Ella’s best friend/ cousins 6th birthday!). They had so much fun. 

On Monday we celebrated Memorial day by working on the house we are currently flipping and then heading to my grandma’s for a small cookout and playing in the sprinkler. 

That’s it for our Memorial Day! Mostly just a lot of family and pictures. I made sure to sit down with Ella and explain to her exactly why we celebrate Memorial Day. It was a great day of remembrance and appreciation for all that have served and are currently serving. I hope everyone had a blessed weekend with their families!


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama 


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