What’s up Wednesday! 

It’s what’s up Wednesday, the Wednesday where I share… um… What’s up. 

What I’m eating:

It’s summer, it’s hot, we’re outside, so obviously, we’re eating… ICE CREAM! Surprisingly I don’t have a super recent picture of the girls eating ice cream, but trust me… they’ve been eating it.

What we’ve been doing: SWIMMING! Is there possibly anything else?! As I type this, the girls are currently swimming. Ella has swimming lessons on Tuesday mornings and swim team practice on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Then we swim a little in between 😉 Adalyn likes too swim, but she’s a little nervous. Ella swims like a pro. 

What I’m reminiscing: Myrtle Beach ❤ ugh. Take me back. We don’t have a trip planned as of now, and we usually go every year. Which is why I’m super sad. We always have the BEST time. We stay at the best campgroud/house rental location. It has a water park, park, crafts and activities, bonfire night, movie night, ice cream shop, and so much more. It’s right on the beach and we just love it. *sigh* take me back. 

What I’m loving: big pearl earrings. They are my GO TO every day. If I see big pearl earrings, I’m probably buying them. I have one pair that I LOVE right now. I need all the BIG PEARL EARRINGS! 

What I’m wearing: sun hats 👒💛 the picture is a little bit blurry because my sister sent it to me, but you get the idea 😉 

Well guys, I think that’s all I have for you today. More on the blog tomorrow. I kept it short and sweet since I’m enjoying some pool time! I hope all of you have a great, pool-filled summer! 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama 


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