Just keep swimming ๐Ÿ’™

Today I’m talking about swimming! Well, I’m talking about Ella and her swimming… But you get the idea. This girl has been in swimming lessons since she was a BABY! She’s always had a love for the water. 

This is from her first lesson, and as you can clearly see, it was love at first swim. She was laughing hysterically. 

Since then, she’s taken lessons every year. We usually let her take a few months off in the winter months, but she is always so excited to jump back into swimming. 

I believe that it’s just a really good idea to start little ones in some sort of activity. It keeps them active and gives them something to do besides sit at home with me all day. We chose swimming for Ella because, not only is it great exercise,  but it’s something that could save her life. Michael and I both have relatives that were terrified of the water at young ages and still don’t feel confident in water as adults. We both swim fine, but I wanted to make sure that my kids could hold their own if there was ever an incident involving water. 

We are still very cautious around water, but I feel so much better knowing that she is confident in the water. In the beginning of her swimming she learned the basics: how to kick, “scoop” her arms, put her face in the water, and close her mouth under water. Now she is learning strokes and how to turn her head to breathe. Shes come such a long way and we are so proud. 

This year, Ella decided she wanted to join our local swim team. So now, she has swim lessons/practice on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s, and Fridays. Shes gone from swimming once a week to 3 times a week. But she still loves it! If there’s water, Ella will gladly swim for as long as you let her. Yesterday, she had her first ever swim meet. Shes considered a peewee swimmer, so it’s not technically a race and they only swim once. She was confused when she reached the end because she wanted to swim again! #shejustlovesit 

This pool was 25 METERS long. That’s a long pool for a 4 year old to swim. I was completely shocked! I never would have guessed that she could swim that far unassisted. She was determined to do it, and she did. I was so stressed watching her because I could tell she was getting worn out and she couldn’t touch. Luckily, someone was with her in case she couldn’t do it any further, but momma bear was just stressed. When she got out I asked her if she was worn out and if she liked it. Her response was “do I get to do it again. I want to do it again.” This girl is strong. 

Now let me just share something about Ella with you, she is PAINFULLY shy. It isn’t un-normal for her to have a melt down because there are too many people around or she isn’t comfortable. So when I walked into the swim meet my first thought was “just tell her that if she doesn’t want to do it, she doesn’t have to do it.” I walked her down to her warm up lane and she got right in with a ton of kids and helpers that she didn’t know at all. No questions. When it was her turn to swim, she got right in and swam. In front of tons of people. She is coming out of her little shell so much lately. She blows me away every day. 

So, bottom line, I love this girl and this girl loves the water. Hopefully she sticks with it, but if she doesn’t, that’s alright. As for adalyn, she has taken lessons, but just isn’t cooperative enough. We plan to try it again soon though. 

That’s all I have for you guys Today! Thanks for stopping by. 


Shelby: The Mostly Manic Mama ๐Ÿ’™


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