Life lately

Well, it’s Friday. And it’s been almost forever since my last blog post. Boo me. But guys, life gets BUSY and I’ve been over here just trying to soak up every ounce of summer because it’s my FAVE ❤. I could do completely without all of the winter, cold stuff, but give me summer and my heart beats with happiness. 

Anyways, like I said, we’ve just been BUSY. So I’ll just do a quick update on what everyone is up to. 

Let’s start with Adalyn.

Miss Adalyn has been busy being 2. She’s learning, exploring, and throwing as many temper tantrums a day as possible. If it’s not Adalyn’s way, then there’s no way at all, or at least, she thinks so 😉. She’s practicing her counting and can get almost to 15, she sings her ABCs nearly perfectly and guys, she says the FUNNIEST things and she will repeat it until everyone stops laughing. She is the life of our party. She starts swimming lessons in a few weeks, so stay tuned to see how that turns out. 

Next up, my sweet Ella girl. 

If you’ve ever read my blog before, or know anything about Ella, then you know that her heart belongs in the water. This kid is now wrapping up her first season on the local swim team. She practiced twice a week and had about 1 swim meet every week. Since she is a “pee wee” swimmer, she only swam one race. And she totally rocks it. Most of the other kids use kick boards to swim the 25 meter pool, but this girl usually back strokes the entire length. She is most confident in her back stroke, so that’s the stroke she usually chooses to use. She also takes swimming lessons once a week where they emphasize on her strokes. She can’t get enough of the water and swimming has pretty much consumed our lives lately. Ella has also been learning her letters and practicing for pre school. She is so excited! 

In other news, Ella participated in our local county fair pageant and WON her group. If you know Ella, you know that she is very shy and doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but she wanted the blue ribbon and trophy, so she went out of that stage and gave it her all and I was BLOWN AWAY. Her confidence was shining so bright! She got her first place ribbon and that smile on her face was the biggest ever. My heart just melted when they said her name. She was so proud! 

And me,

Well, big news. We are MOVING. We just closed on the house and are in the packing up process. It’s a long, tiresome process. I’ve been going through buckets of junk and trying to get rid of so much. So, I’ve just been using every spare minute to work on that and keeping the house half way clean, which is hard when you have boxes every where! Send help or any moving advice! 😉  I’ve also been reading! I’ve always loved to read, and lately I haven’t made time for it. But, I decided to make a few minutes for myself every day to read. I just got my first Elin Hilderbrand book and I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! I hear she’s wonderful, and so far I LOVE the book I chose. Maybe a book review is in my blogging future? We will see! 

And for the hubs. 

I apparently don’t take pictures of my husband unless my children are in it also, and I also don’t know how to center a picture. Oh well, this is still a sweet picture! Michael has been the busiest of all. He’s been working. And working. And working. There’s a new business venture that we are all leaping into and he’s been trying to get that all settled and wired out. He’s also been finishing up the flip on a house. I plan on doing before and after pics of our next flip for all to see, how her, I didn’t plan ahead on this flip, but take my word for it, it’s a completely different house and looks sooooo good. He has worked his butt off on it. So building a business, flipping houses, and taking us to baseball games and what not has kept him busy! 

So, to make things simple, we’ve been (what’s another word for busy, since I’ve already said that a million times?). We’ve been overly occupied? Anyways, I plan to do a special 4th of July post soon! Thank you for stopping by! 


Shelby, The Mostly Manic Mama 

(The super manic mama lately 😏) 


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